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Custom wheels and car detailing.



603 Memorial Drive Atlanta, GA 30312 • (404) 577-9601

Wheel Sales

We provide any OEM wheel or custom wheel type your looking for.

Tire Sales

We can provide any tire type for any use your looking to get done.

Mounting & Balance

Balancing your wheels is a cost effective way to promote safety, reduce tire wear and increase fuel efficiency. Protect your investment with our Lifetime Wheel Balancing Service.

Wheel Painting

Painting car and truck wheels give you the unique and personalized look you want.

Wheel Repair

Bent Wheel, Cracked Wheel, Curb Damage, We offer top quality, factory specified bent wheel repair with an either same day at the most, next day turnaround repair time.

Tire Pluging

We will repair your flat tire(s). If your tire(s) cannot be repaired we will review your options with you.


About Us

Rachell Tire & Wheels carries several choices that cover almost every style and taste in the Custom Wheel Market. From Chrome Steel Wheels to Custom Built Wheels and everything in between our 11+ years of knowledge in the tire & wheel business gives you the confidence and trust so we can help you properly customize your vehicle. Rachell Tire & Wheels has evolved with the growing aftermarket, often pushing the community itself to evolve by building custom vehicles that start new trends and blow away the competition.

Personal Info

  •   404-577-9601
  •   603 Memorial Drive


Give us a call for any of your car needs.


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